Inspection Tips

Now that you are in the market for a new home and you need to get it inspected, here are some suggestions that might be valuable to you.

  • Be actively involved in your inspection process; if possible, deal directly with your home inspector.
  • Make your own home inspector choice.
  • Be sure that the person inspecting your property is the person that you selected for services and not someone sent to fill in unless you have prior knowledge.
  • Talk to the person that you are considering for your home inspection and ask questions about their credentials and experience as a home inspector and any other related experience.
  • Make sure that your home inspector is code certified.
  • Be present at the time of inspection if possible.
  • Take notes during the inspection and ask questions afterwards.
  • Do not rely on Builder reputation.
  • The more experienced and qualified home inspector’s fee could be higher than the less experienced inspector.
  • The cheapest inspection fee could be a poor inspection experience.
  • If you are building a home, start your inspection process no later than the framing phase of construction thru final.
  • The only true certification for an Inspector is by a building code organization such as the ICC (International Code Council); all of your county or city inspectors in the state of Georgia must have their inspection certifications through the ICC, and not a Home Inspection Franchise, Society, or Association. You deserve the best!

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